Should I Include My Photo On My Resume?

Dear HR:

Should I Include My Photo On My Resume?

Dear Candidate:

There is no simple answer to this one!

It is still generally considered a bad idea by many Human Resources professionals to include a photo on you resume, unless the position for which you are applying requires a certain appearance, like actors, models or brand ambassadors.

However, there are differing opinions that are worth exploring.  We polled our clients.  Here is what they are saying…

75% of Clients said  – NO!
Employers strictly uphold policies against discrimination based on race, color, gender, gender identity, age or physical disability, to name a few. It is illegal to base any hiring decisions on these factors. Including a photo, then, makes it challenging for recruiters and hiring managers to avoid unconscious bias. If an employer interviews you but doesn’t select you for the position, that employer may be vulnerable to a discrimination claim. For these reasons, resumes with photos may be automatically disqualified.

25% of Clients said – SURE!
Does it really matter since we all live in an age where one can easily google someone and find photos on their social media pages? We are visual people and feel more comfortable when matching a face to a name. Not including a photo on LinkedIn is often viewed as unprofessional and off-putting. One might argue that if an employer interviewed you and did not hire you, photo or not, it is because of your lack of interviewing skills or qualifications.

In conclusion:
An employer’s decision to select you for an interview and hire you for a job should be based on your skill set, competence level and past successes rather than your appearance. Sell yourself through accomplishments, not looks.  Remember that including a photo may be considered inappropriate by your potential new boss. If it doesn’t add value, delete it.

Of course, it is your decision. If you believe it is critical to your job search, include it, but make sure it is a professional headshot. However, there is another option; consider including your LinkedIn URL instead, which may be viewed as more acceptable by employers.