How to Resign

Resignation Checklist

Thinking about resigning from your current job?

Unsure what to say… and what steps to take?

Best advice we can give to you… Do not burn any bridges.  It’s a small community where you work/live…. Give advanced notice!

Unsure what steps to take when resigning? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Give advanced notice:
    • Follow the policy in your offer letter, contract or employee handbook in regards to providing advanced notice when resigning. If there is no policy in place, two weeks’ notice is the standard notice period. If your employer asks that you stay longer than the required notice period, you are under no obligation to do so…. but you may want to consider their request, if you can.
  1. Write a formal letter/email of resignation:
    • How to resign properly includes writing a letter/email of resignation even if you have resigned verbally. Prepare a letter/email of resignation that, at the minimum, includes the following details:
      • the date your resignation is effective
      • the position from which you are resigning
      • the date of your last working day at the company
      • why you are resigning
    • Make sure you know who your resignation letter / email should be addressed to and who else in the company must receive copies (usually Human Resources and Payroll). Always keep a copy for yourself.
      • IMPORTANT: Oh and if you are submitting your resignation via your work email address, remember to cc your personal email so you have a copy of the resignation letter, in the event you need it later.

Don’t Forget…

  • Ask for an exit interview and during the exit interview review the following:
    • COBRA
    • Payout of accrued/ unused vacation/ PTO hours
    • Retirement plan distribution/ remain in the plan/ roll out options
    • Porting supplemental insurance to personal plans (STD, LTD, Life)
    • FSA
    • HSA
    • Repaying any company loans
    • Returning company property
    • How outstanding business expenses will be treated/ when you are required to remit expenses/ receipt
    • Your final paycheck
  • Ask for a letter of recommendation: Don’t wait to ask for a reference/ letter of recommendation/ LinkedIn recommendation when you next need one, get the reference or letter of recommendation while your employer still clearly remembers you! Think ahead and make sure you leave the company with at least one employment reference/ letter of recommendation or LinkedIn recommendation.
  • Update HR if your address or cell number has changed or changes in the calendar year that you resign. This will ensure your W2 makes it to you on time at the time address.
  • Remember to take your personal belongings with you on your last day.

Sample Resignation Letters

Sample Letter 1: (Simple)

Dear Employer first name/ name:

I am letting you know that effective XXXX [date], I am resigning from XXXX [company name]. In an effort to give you as much notice as possible to transition my tasks, XXXX [date], will be my last day of employment.   I have appreciated all that you and the company have done for me.   This is not a decision that I took lightly and I was not aggressively looking for a new opportunity. However, something that I could not pass up fell into my lap.


[Employee Name]

Sample Letter 2: (Personal Reasons)

Dear Employer first name/ name:

I am writing to inform you that I will be resigning from XXX [Company name] as of [resignation effective date]. I have enjoyed working with you and working for the company, personal reasons necessitate that I vacate my position and focus on improving my situation at home.

My final day will be [last day]. Despite having to leave, I deeply appreciate the opportunities you’ve provided to me during my time as XXX {position title]. I am very grateful for all of your assistance along the way.

I will do whatever necessary to ensure a smooth transition and help train my replacement, if you so opt to ask me to participate in the training.


[Employee Name]

Sample 3: (New Job)

Dear Employer first name/ name:

Please accept this as my notice of resignation from [Company}, effective [date]. I have been offered a new job opportunity which will allow me to gain further professional experience.

Thank you for all the experience I have gained working for you at [Company]. I learned a lot about the business and I appreciate the advice and support you have given me.

Please let me know what I can do to make this a smooth transition for the entire department.


[Employee Name]

Unsure what to put in a resignation letter/ email?
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