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How Does the X-Factor Impact your Recruiting Strategy?

2.27.17 – We often have clients that say, they are looking for a job applicant that has the “X-Factor,” And to them, we say, we are up for the challenge. But first, we need the company to be able to explain, what the “X-Factor” means for their organization. READ MORE

Secret to Finding & Retaining Great Employees… Being KIND TO PEOPLE

2.6.17 – Want to learn the “secret” to finding and retaining great employees? Of course you do, and the “secret” is simple, but are you up for the challenge of being a great company to work for? It’s about putting yourself second and your staff first and hint… being KIND TO PEOPLE READ MORE

Cheers to a Happy New Year! Want to compete and hire & retain the best employees… Offer Lifestyle Benefits

1.16.17 – For many companies, a new year means a fresh start and since the calendar starts over, many businesses feel they can try to do more with less staff. But how can employers ensure that they remain competitive and retain the best staff for their team and more importantly retain those staff for years to come? READ MORE

Is doing an Internship a Waste of Time Or one of the best investments of time a College student can make?

It comes down to… how motivated are you to have the right job as soon as you graduate?

You read articles on why internships and co-ops are important to complete during college. That same article will tell you that these opportunities will give you “real-world experience” while you’re in school. But aren’t there other benefits to gaining internship or co-op experience? READ MORE

Is Your Candidate the Right Cultural Fit?

How to hire for culture as well as skills

Company culture plays a key role in how your organization achieves its goals. But how do you know if a job candidate is the right fit for your company? During the recruiting cycle, you typically assess candidates for their skills, experience, and education. However, onboarding a candidate who does not fit in with your company culture leads to reduced productivity, poor job satisfaction, and eventually, the cost of recruiting a replacement candidate. READ MORE