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Did you know that “Joe” got a 5% pay increase? How did you know that? I looked in his employee file!

Employee Files – you collect forms and data from employees, probably because somewhere along the way someone told you that you needed to, you keep the files but don’t really think about them. You open them when you need something and they sit for the rest of the time. Why should you be concerned about the state of your employee files? READ MORE

I guess you are ok with having mediocre employees!

As a small business owner, you know there’s no shortage of things to invest in: equipment, insurance, legal fees, signs, advertising, marketing materials, and the list goes on and on. One of the most important things to include in this list is the training of your most valuable asset: your employees. Unfortunately, training of staff is one of the first things to go when budgets get tight and costs get cut. This may not be the most efficient place to cut costs, however, as training and development can offer your company as a whole – as well as the individual employees – lasting benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. READ MORE

Sure, an Employee Wellness Program sounds great on paper, but what can it REALLY do for my company?

Corporate wellness programs – you’ve probably heard of them and how they claim they can benefit your staff members, and therefore, your business. They used to be a perk – but many companies now understand that they can provide a direct boost to their bottom lines. What can your company gain from incorporating them into your corporate culture? What should you keep in mind so that your wellness program doesn’t land you in a courtroom? READ MORE