You Quit your job Without Another Job Lined Up?

Why Would You Do that?

July 27, 2018 By: Melina Chiartas

For the first time in over 15 years we are being told by many employees that they are quitting jobs without having another position lined up.

We Keep Asking Employees…”Why Would You Do That?”

With the unemployment rate at a very low 4%, it got McCloskey Partners thinking… What are the drivers behind the decision to leave a job without having another position lined up? What is so bad that someone just can’t take it anymore and quits without the safety net of a new position to go to?

Quitting without a new job lined up is not new, but instead of it being something that we as a Recruiting Firm only hear sometimes, it has become the norm that employees are opting to “just quit without a new job lined up and no financial safety net.”

The most common reasons employees are telling us they are quitting on the spot is because “the position was not the right cultural fit.” What does this mean? It means the core values and atmosphere in the organization for some reason or another made the candidate uncomfortable enough to leave financial stability.

One example provided was an employee who quit without giving notice because prior to the start of weekly team meetings a prayer circle was held at the office. While the employee was religious, they were not comfortable sharing that personal experience with coworkers.

  1. Our recommendation is to leave religion and politics at the front door. Imagine if you are Republican or Democrat in a heavily dominated Republican or Democratic work place environment and there is constant misuse of workday time discussing how lousy the Republican or Democratic party is? Be mindful that not all employees share your beliefs, nor do they have to.
  2. Show emotional intelligence. Let’s be honest, most of us have moments that we wish we could take back. However, if regularly at team meetings there are voices raised, inappropriate language being used and belittling other others, your staff will shut down. Remember to speak to people how you want to be spoken to. In other words… BE KIND & RESPECTFUL or you risk losing talented employees.

Another reason that employees are telling us they are leaving jobs is because they don’t feel recognized or valued by their direct manager or the company they work for. While the tag line “Just Do It” works well for Nike’ it does not work well when a manager says it to an employee when trying to get a task completed. In other words… BE KIND & RESPECTFUL or you risk losing talented employees.

If your team is receiving low employee engagement survey scores, negative comments when exit interviews are completed or high turnover, give us a call and we can assist in developing a strategy that may improve your overall engagement with the right employees. Our Talent Management Team is ready to assist you. Contact us today