I am a 110% Percenter, Are YOU?

By: Bridgette A Drelling, PHR, SHRM-CP August 2018

It’s 7:30AM and I just pulled into the office parking lot. I’m exhausted, from the hours of work I have already done from home and my “official” work day has not even begun yet.

Most of us come to work to enjoy (and fund) our lives outside of work. If they didn’t pay me, I certainly wouldn’t show up ready to give 110% everyday…… OR WOULD I??

Family or Career??? It’s a balancing act that some of us opt to engage in while others don’t.

I believe we are not defined by what we do. WE define what we do, how we do it and the choices we make. So why do I show up every day and give 110%?

I show up every day and give 110% because I am passionate about what I do as an experienced HR Professional and I love the value I add. I am respected by my team and my manager, things that are critical to help define what really matters – the choices we make.

We’ve all heard the saying “People don’t quit a Job, they quit a Boss! It’s critical to have a boss that understands “Life Happens” and that you give 110%. Research shows one of the main reasons someone leaves a company IS because their job wasn’t enjoyable, their strengths aren’t leveraged, and they are not growing in their career or their personal goals. And who’s responsible for what that job is like? Managers. YOU! So, while you may not be the horrible ogre that drives people away, you might be driving them away in other ways.

Workstations with no walls, puppies and pets on the loose in the office, concierge services to assist in juggling household services, flexible work hours, working from home, etc. are all top of the list currently as innovative ideas to engage and retain top talent.

How Engaged Are you?

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut?
  • Do you dread Monday’s and wake up praying for Friday?
  • Do you feel that you are adding value and making a difference?
  • Do you feel your supervisor/manager recognizes your commitment and the value you bring to the team?

Retaining Top Talent

If you want to engage and retain your team — especially your stars — we recommend paying more attention to how you design their work! If you REALLY TRUST them, then what autonomy do they really have? Are they clear in what you expect? It might be different than what they expect from themselves and it’s good to bridge that chasm with a reality check. If they make a mistake, how did you coach them through it in a positive and uplifting way because you know they were harder on themselves than you ever would be? Typically, we design jobs and then slot people into them. Imagine finding TALENTED PEOPLE and creating jobs around them. Build on their strengths and their passion. Watch your business grow. Our top talent is usually our “Go To” that we can count on in a crunch or when others fail. We need to provide opportunities for their growth and not get stuck in the status quo of just knowing they are there. We need to help them see the value they provide in “Saving the Day” or catching and resolving an issue before it got out of hand. Sometimes that means addressing the poor performance of others instead of resting in knowing the star performer will always be there to bail you out.

Recently my boss, surprised me with a gift that was specific to ME and MY Family’s upcoming vacation. She thanked me for making a difference in a way that makes me passionate to teach others to do the same! She recognized the value I hold both as her employee and as a mom, wife, friend, sister, and all-around giver of 110%. She reminds me that leadership is more than a title but a role to be modeled. Creating VALUE and showing your star talent the impact they create on the business builds passion and engagement in making YOU an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE! Celebrating successes and recognizing value takes time and energy. Sometimes it takes thought and preparation. So does issuing a Performance Improvement Plan or initiating a search for a replacement. Which would you rather be spending your time on?

If you are looking for TALENTED PEOPLE to design your jobs around, McCloskey Partners, LLC can assist you in creating the jobs to attract and retain top talent. If you are stuck where you are, McCloskey Partners, LLC can assist you in finding the right fit, where you can add value and juggle it all one day at a time.

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