It’s that time of year again!

11.28.18 – Time to Close out the current year and get ready for next! To help you complete Year End Close, we have prepared an End-Of-Year Checklist for you to use. Happy Holidays from the entire McCloskey Partners, LLC Team. Have a great holiday season!  READ MORE

Election day is coming… Are you Ready for it?

10.29.18 – November 6th is right around the corner. Be in the Know what your rights are when employees ask if they can change their schedules to Vote! Politicians are on TV destroying each other’s reputations, political signs have been stuck in the ground wherever you look, and we’re receiving recorded messages from celebrities on our phones… READ MORE

I am a 110% Percenter, Are YOU?

8.29.18 – It’s 7:30AM and I just pulled into the office parking lot. I’m exhausted, from the hours of work I have already done from home and my “official” work day has not even began yet. READ MORE

You Quit your job Without Another Job Lined Up? Why Would You Do that?

7.27.18 – For the first time in over 15 years we are being told by many employees that they are quitting jobs without having another position lined up. We Keep Asking Employees…”Why Would You Do That?” READ MORE

Your Daily Cup of HR: Texter Beware

6.23.18 – Texting is all fun and games until it isn’t, and then you get fired… READ MORE

Dear HR: Oversharing in an Interview

5.31.18 – Dear HR: Are there perils associated with oversharing in an interview? Is that even a thing?? READ MORE



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