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An Employers Guide To Medical Marijuana Policies. HaHaHa that was so funny! Let us know when you’ve found one!

10.12.18 – Read about it here… READ MORE

Are you prepared to refund your Medical Loss Rebate? Not sure what we are talking about? Be in the know… Medical Loss Ratio Rebates

10.3.18 – Read about it here… READ MORE

Does your company offer Paid Family and Medical Leave? Are you aware that there is a tax credit your company may be eligible for?

6.14.18 – Check out the information here… READ MORE

Are you thinking about implementing an English only policy for your company?

6.8.18 – Here are some things to consider before you do so…   READ MORE

What is E-Verify ?

4.6.18 – What is E-Verify? Am I out of compliance because I haven’t been using it?  READ MORE

State of Emergency and Employers Responsibilities to Compensate Employees

3.20.18 – It’s a “State of Emergency”, you can’t expect me to come to work! Or can you? How employers should handle a State of Emergency.  READ MORE

Unemployment Claims

3.8.18 – Let’s face it… Navigating through the world of Unemployment Claims can be confusing… Below is the skinny on the Unemployment Process.  READ MORE


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