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Does your company offer Paid Family and Medical Leave? Are you aware that there is a tax credit your company may be eligible for?

6.14.18 – Check out the information here…  READ MORE

Are you thinking about implementing an English only policy for your company?

6.8.18 – Here are some things to consider before you do so…   READ MORE

What is E-Verify ?

4.6.18 – What is E-Verify? Am I out of compliance because I haven’t been using it?  READ MORE

State of Emergency and Employers Responsibilities to Compensate Employees

3.20.18 – It’s a “State of Emergency”, you can’t expect me to come to work! Or can you? How employers should handle a State of Emergency.  READ MORE

Unemployment Claims

3.8.18 – Let’s face it… Navigating through the world of Unemployment Claims can be confusing… Below is the skinny on the Unemployment Process.  READ MORE

FEHC New Regulations

7.26.17 – Effective July 2017 California Employers should audit their Onboarding Processes to ensure compliance with FEHC new regulations. READ MORE

Form I-9 Updated

7.17.17 – On July 17, the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) released a revised version of Form I-9. Employers can use the existing I-9 Form through September 17, 2017. READ MORE


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