I am a 110% Percenter, Are YOU?

8.29.18 – It’s 7:30AM and I just pulled into the office parking lot. I’m exhausted, from the hours of work I have already done from home and my “official” work day has not even began yet. READ MORE

You Quit your job Without Another Job Lined Up? Why Would You Do that?

7.27.18 – For the first time in over 15 years we are being told by many employees that they are quitting jobs without having another position lined up. We Keep Asking Employees…”Why Would You Do That?” READ MORE

Your Daily Cup of HR: Texter Beware

6.23.18 – Texting is all fun and games until it isn’t, and then you get fired… READ MORE

Dear HR: Oversharing in an Interview

5.31.18 – Dear HR: Are there perils associated with oversharing in an interview? Is that even a thing?? READ MORE

Your Daily Cup of HR:

5.22.18 – Graduation time is here again. Here are some words of advice I would have given to myself as I graduated from high school… READ MORE

Your Daily Cup of HR:

4.27.18 – McCloskey Partners team member Sarah Betteridge shares her experience on the topic of rejection… READ MORE

Dear Human Resources: Summer Dress Code / Benefits

5.2.18 – Dear Human Resources, The temperature is rising, and everyone is starting to think SUMMER! I have some questions… READ MORE

Dear Human Resources: Racial/Unconscious Bias training

4.27.18 – Dear Human Resources, Starbucks has me thinking about Racial/Unconscious Bias training for my business, what should I do? READ MORE



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