Inclement Weather and Whether Your Company Has a Plan?

3.8.18 – Question: Due to our recent inclement weather, we are receiving a lot of calls from companies asking if they are required to pay their employees if they close the office early, close all day or opt to have a delayed start time.

Answer: To answer that question, we ask… What does your Employee Handbook say?

We received a lot of answers like… Oh No we do not have a policy for that! Take the time now, before the next storm, to get an Inclement Weather policy in place.


Don’t let this happen to you… OMG I FORGOT!

Your Human Resources Year End Checklist

12.8.17 – Wrapping up the end of 2017, it is time for making lists and checking them twice. Below are some key areas that can be easily overlooked by companies with all of the year end hustle and bustle that goes on. However, failure to review these important points can create headaches for your company and not the kind caused by too much eggnog!

Are all the required trainings completed? Hint… have you trained your staff on what is appropriate and not appropriate conduct? (No, it’s not ok to fondle that cute coworker… that would be considered “inappropriate” behavior!)

Do your employees know the difference between Appropriate and Inappropriate Conduct? If your answer is… “I am not sure,” schedule Sensitivity Awareness today to help minimize your company’s risks. (contact


Managing Life and Work While Dealing with Grief from Losing a Loved One

7.27.17 – Grief is an intense emotion that people feel when they’ve lost something. The loss can be from a breakup, losing a pet, or losing a job. However, grief can also be associated with the loss of a loved one. Everyone experiences grief, but each person experiences it in a different way. READ MORE

Stay Interview vs. Exit Interview

6.5.17 – Sometimes, an employee puts in their resignation and you are probably thinking… it’s about time! And for those employees, you will not look back and just say goodbye. READ MORE

The Heat is on… AND Your Employees are Taking off their Clothes

5.23.17 – Have you recently reviewed the Company’s Dress Code Policy? If not, NOW is the time to review the policy to ensure that the policy clearly communicates what is acceptable and not acceptable for employees to wear. AND if there are policy violations, what the consequences will be. Such as, employee will be sent home asked to change. READ MORE

Being Conscious of Your Unconscious Bias: Tips for Recognizing Bias in Your Recruiting Strategy

5.16.17 – Did you know more than 60% of CEOs are over six feet tall? Or that blondes earn 7% more annually than brunettes or redheads? As any recruiter or hiring manager knows, certain applicants stand out against others. Hopefully it’s because their experience fits the requirements. READ MORE


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